Construction Management

BSI’s Construction Management Services are divided into three parts:   Pre-Construction Services, Construction Phase Services, and Project Close-Out and Warranties Management Services.

  • Pre-Construction Services include providing preliminary estimates throughout the design phase, preparation of bid documents, procurement of contractors, creating a critical path project schedule, bid analysis, bid award, creating and distributing contract documents, and contract management.


  • Construction Phase Services consist of on-site supervision, cost tracking, submittal document management, invoice processing, administrative services, project management services, conducting of progress meetings with the client and design team, submission of project progress reporting, and temporary site facilities needed to support contractors.
  • Project Close-Out and Warranties Management Services involve BSI remaining an active partner of the client for a period of time after a project is substantially completed and an owner has taken control of a facility.  BSI provides its clients with the peace of mind that all components of their facilities are in proper working order to the performance that was designed and specified for the project.  It is BSI’s company policy to make all contractors that perform work on our projects be obligated to respond to any deficiencies of any products or equipment installed for a period of time no less than one year from project turnover.  BSI Construction also ensures that the project’s facility manager has all the proper training and resources to efficiently manage the building once the warranty period has concluded.  BSI maintains a close working relationship with all of our past clients and their facilities managers for assistance when necessary.