Development Services

BSI Construction is able to provide a wide range of development services to its clients based on a history of success. By conferring with its clients, BSI establishes a project-specific approach to identify the unique needs of each client.

Site Selection

Once we establish an understanding as to the location and scope of the property’s use, BSI is able to use its resources in identifying perspective locations. In doing so, BSI takes under consideration the proposed site’s features such as appropriate zoning, adjacent properties, accessibility, environmental concerns, and availability of utilities.



With a history of successful development projects, BSI is able to network our clients with professionals that provide various types of real estate and project financing.

Property Procurement

With the procurement of a property, there is a list of tasks that must be performed in order for a successful closing. BSI has successfully worked alongside our clients’ real estate and legal professionals to ensure that these tasks are performed during the period of due diligence. BSI has engaged with environmental consultants, geotechnical consultants, structural consultants, and appraisers to generate the documents necessary in this process.


Design/Site Improvement

One of the first tasks in the critical path of project development is design and site improvements. Our clients have relied on our experience with assisting the project team in facility design and feasibility. This includes environmental remediation, storm water management, zoning, permitting, community support, and preliminary budgeting. The coordination of all these tasks is essential to move a project from concept to construction.